Mandatory Equipment
Absolutely "NO" manipulation or handling of weapons in the parking lot, classroom or anywhere other than the pistol range.
1.  Eye Protection (sunglasses are permissable)
2.  Hearing protection - muff type or ear plugs
     ( we do have a limited amount of extra hearing protection for students to use) 
3.  Head cover-cap or hat that will cover the head and the area toward the face, such as a baseball cap
4.  Footwear must cover the entire foot
5.  Shirts, pants and shoes must be worn during the class, (no shorts will be allowed).
6.  Handguns: 
a.  A revolver of at least a .35 caliber ( no push off single action will be accepted) or a semi-automatic of at least .9mm caliber ( .380 ACP is acceptable)
b.  All handguns should be in good working condition and have no modification(s)
     that will make the handgun unsafe (Cross Fire will inspect your weapon before use)
c.  Try to be familiar with your handgun, even if it is a borrowed gun.
d.  No mounted optical enhancers will be allowed 
You will need a minimum of 50 rounds for qualification as well as additional ammunition in the event  you fail to qualify the first time.
Due to the limited availability of ammunition in our current nation
wide shortage, you may bring any brand of ammunition other than
ammunition made in CHINA.
Suggested Ammunition Manufacturers
Blount, Inc.  C.C.I./Speer
Hornady Mfg.
Federal Cartridge Co./American Eagle
Remington Arms Co./UMC
Fiocchie of America, Inc.
Accurate/Ultra Max
4 W Ammunition
Black Hills
Sellier & Bellot